Every year Crown Pointe puts together a school calendar for the following year.  This year is no different, but with a bit of a twist.  We have not just one calendar proposal, but two.  In the past that calendar has had a very traditional look.  This year we have one version like that, but we also have drafted another option that includes a modified version of a 4 day week.

Starting in mid-August and ending before Memorial Day, the traditional calendar drafted looks most years with the addition of a fall break.   The length of the school day stays the same; breaks like Thanksgiving, Christmas/Winter Break, and Spring Break are also very similar to those of past years.  The students are in school a total of 172 days.

In response to demands from our school community to look at a calendar with a great degree of flexibility, we have also drafted one we are calling a modified 4 day week.  It starts earlier in August and ends later in May, most Fridays are days off of school for students, and the school day is 15 minutes longer for middle school students with their days starting at 7:45 AM.  The elementary school days stays the same, 8:00 to 3:30.  Students are in school a total of 160 days.

While researching the 4 day school week, we were surprised to learn that a majority of Colorado school districts use a version of this calendar.  Additionally, student achievement is still high and there are potential budget savings for schools.  The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has also done extensive research on 4 day school weeks and found that in school districts that use one they are very popular with 80-90% in favor of continuing with them.

In order to receive your input on the calendar options, we have created a survey that is available on the school’s website.  It includes a short video explaining the differences, examples of the two calendars, the CDE study on the 4 day week, and a chance to add comments.  Please fill the survey out by December 21 and let us know what you think.  Additionally, we will have a question and answer session on December 13 at 6:00 PM in the school library so members of our community can understand the two proposals.  Please click the link below, watch the short video explanation of the calendars, and then take the survey.

Parent Survey: