Destination Imagination Teams Take First Place at Regionals

The Scary Jumping Dragon Sharks (K, 1st & 2nd) gave an absolutely wonderful performance. Their level is non-competitive, but they were the best at the tournament. Team members are London , Luke, Patrick , Karen, Donovan, Peyton and Chloe .

Dangerous Ideas (3rd & 4th) beat twelve other teams (the largest division in the tournament) to take 1st place in the Elementary Level of the Feary Tales challenge. They qualified for the State tournament, which will be April 25th at the Auraria campus. Team members are Georgia, Sarah, Matthew and Cori.

Hippopotomonstrosity (6th) took 1st place in the Middle Level of the Feary Tales challenge. They also qualified for the State tournament. In addition, they were honored with a prestigious Renaissance Award for outstanding skill in technology and engineering. Team members are Carlos, Joe, Cora, Kenny, David , Jaden and Asher.

Both CPA teams that could go to State are going to State. We couldn’t be happier or prouder. 2015 DI CPA Rising Stars2015 DI CPA Elementary2015 DI CPA Middle School

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