EXPO Learning Lab!

The EXPO Learning Lab is a new class starting at Crown Pointe this coming school year. All students will participate in what the EXPO has to offer with hands on activities and extensions to their regular classroom learning. We are going to get kids out from behind desks and creating, discovering, and thinking about how the world works. This is a community effort where students, parents and faculty can share in the experience. We are looking for talented individuals to help share their knowledge and make this program as success.

Program Goals:

  • Gather : Provide an open ended platform where classes and community can gather to create and explore.  
  • Discover: Establish an encouraging environment where students can exercise their curiosity about the natural world to discover how the natural world functions.  
  • Grow: Develop a setting where students have to opportunity to grow as individuals as well as observe and interact with growth of the natural world.

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Want to get involved or help support this program?

We are looking for volunteers, support and donations from individuals. For more information check out the website or contact Evan Sherlock (evan.sherlock@crownpointeacademy.org)


Support and Donations


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