Welcome to SEW Saturday!

Every Saturday, the social emotional wellness (SEW) committee sends out ideas that we feel can help our community build resilience and stay connected to one another.

This week we are highlighting the I in our NOURISH program.  

I stands for: Initiate Movement and Exercise.

Our bodies need to move! Study after study shows the benefit of movement on our physical and mental health.  In a normal year we see kids moving all the time – when they play and when they run, hop, skip, and jump their way through the day.  Since many kids and adults are spending more time in front of screens because of COVID, it is now more important than ever to find ways to move.

Our amazing middle school social studies teacher, Mrs. Bonnie Hughes has some great ideas on how we can initiate movement and exercise.  She shared her ideas in a video that you can watch here: https://youtu.be/LSyu-d56EoU

We’ve also compiled some wonderful resources for activities that encourage kids to move at home. Check out these ideas for movement breaks and exercise.

One of the most popular sites used in education is GoNoodle.  If you’ve heard about it but never checked it out, it is worth your time! Students really enjoy the activities on Go Noodle.


Some other sites with links to resources and activities to help you get moving at home:

Active Schools


Child Mind Institute


Move More


We hope that some of the ideas that we shared in this post will be helpful to get you and your family moving more this fall.

We would love to hear from you about ways that you are initiating movement and exercise. You can email us at SEW@crownpointeacademy.org

To your well-being!

– The SEW Team