Welcome to SEW Saturday!

Every Saturday, the social emotional wellness (SEW) committee sends out ideas that we feel can help our community build resilience and stay connected.

This week we are highlighting the R in our NOURISH program.  The R stands for replenish and restore ourselves physically and emotionally.

Our wonderful staff member, Mrs. Julie Southern created a video about this topic. We hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/fWvQ5qWW8vM

When we think about things that restore us both physically and emotionally there are a variety of answers.  This is because different people need different things.

Some people get energized by going to the mountains, others gravitate to the water.  Some people love to challenge themselves physically and others intellectually.  Some people need time with others to feel energized, other people need time alone in order to reset.  People gravitate to different kinds of music, food, activities, hobbies, and places to restore themselves.

While we all have different things that help us to feel replenished or restored, we all need something that helps us do this.  We are very human in that way.

There is a saying that goes, ‘you can’t fill from an empty cup’ and it simply means that it is hard to keep giving to others when you don’t take time to think about the things you need to fill yourself up.

We hope you are able to think about and then act on the things that help to replenish and restore you this week!  Talk about what kinds of things you like to do and then ask your family members what they like to do.  You might be surprised about what you learn.

We would love to hear from you about ways that you replenishing and restoring yourself. You can email us at SEW@crownpointeacademy.org

To your well-being!
– The SEW Team