Welcome to SEW Saturday!

Every Saturday, the social emotional wellness (SEW) committee sends out ideas that we feel can help our community build resilience and stay connected to one another.

This week we are highlighting the S in our NOURISH program.  The S stands for: Self-Care and living our best lives.

Self-care refers to how we take care of ourselves and how we nurture our own well-being whether that be for our mental, emotional, or physical health.  Self-care looks at what kinds of activities relieve stress, motivate us, and bring us happiness or peace of mind.  It looks different for everyone because we all have different needs, but everyone needs self-care.

Check out this video from Miss K (Kari Knutson), our school counselor for some things she does for self-care: https://youtu.be/NSJPxlsfsF4

Simple ideas for self-care include:

Go to bed a little earlier

Eat a nutritious meal

Work on a hobby you enjoy

Spend time in nature

Read a good book

Take a break from social media

Play with a pet

Call a fried and connect

For more ideas on self care, check out these articles:



We hope that you prioritize self-care this week and find things that have meaning for you and your family!

If you have some great self-care ideas, please reach out to us at: SEW@crownpointeacademy.org.

CPA Challenges

Remember there are two great challenges going on at CPA right now!

Mr. Varner’s FISH Team and Monthly Darebee Challenge

The Fitness Inspired School Health (FISH) Team is going virtual with activities you can do at home. Everyone in the CPA community can be a part of FISH by participating in our monthly Darebee Challenge. Just go to www.darebee.com Monday through Saturday to do the Workout Of The Day. Do it to your fitness level. You can also challenge yourself more by doing the Daily Dare or the monthly 30 Day Challenge. In addition, Mr. Varner will be hosting a live Workout Of The Day every Monday @ 12:30 pm on Google Meet. The link will be provided in each class’s Google Classroom stream on Monday (grades 6-8 in the Middle School Electives Google Classroom). Email your calendar to Mr. Varner at the end of each month. Prizes may be awarded!

Kindness Club Keep the Cold Out

The Kindness Club is on a mission to raise $2000 to help provide shelter that could literally save a life on a below freezing night here in Colorado! We are asking you to join Kindness Club’s Keep the Cold Out by collecting monetary donations of any size from every grade so that we can provide vouchers for people who need shelter this winter.

The average hotel voucher for a single night is approximately $70.  With our goal of raising $2000 we can help pay for 28 more vouchers to provide shelter that could save lives!

Spread the word – anyone can donate.

Dates:  October 12th – November 13th

Where & How to donate:

You can donate by bringing in cash or a check made out to Crown Pointe Academy with Kindness Club in the memo line and give it to your teacher or to the front office staff.

You can also pay online with a credit card for a small fee.  Go to the CPA home page and click on the PARENTS tab and then go to registration fees and credit card payment.  From there you’ll see an option under ‘OTHER”.  Choose ‘other’ and put in the amount that you wish to donate to Kindness Club.

For questions reach out to Miss K at kari.knutson@crownpoitneacademy.org or call 303-428-1882 ex 115.

To your well-being!

– The SEW Team