Welcome to SEW Saturday!

Today we want to tell you about the  NOURISH program.

The word ‘nourish’ means what is needed for people to grow, stay in good health, and to flourish. It also relates to the idea of supporting dreams, hopes, and ambitions by ‘nourishing’ them along.

We want everyone in our CPA community to have access to resources that will help them to build resiliency, tools to help them be successful, and ways to meaningfully connect with each other. We are doing this through the NOURISH program which consists of ways that we actively support the people in our community.

NOURISH stands for:
N: Nature and getting outside
O: Observe breath and the power of stillness
U: Unite with others and create community
R: Replenish and what we need to do to restore ourselves physically and emotionally
I: Initiate movement and exercise
S: Self Care and how to we can live our best lives
H: Harness creativity and how we use creativity to solve problems

One of our amazing middle school teachers, Mrs. Paula Worley, made a video talking more about what the N in NOURISH stands for: Nature and getting outside.

Click here for the video


We also wanted to give you links to different organizations and apps to help you and your family get outside: We hope you NOURISH yourself this week by getting out into nature!

AllTrails Colorado

AllTrails is your guide to the outdoors! Discover the best hiking, running, and biking trails in Colorado around the world!

City of Westminster Park and Recreation
Parks, Trails, and Open Space

The City of Westminster has numerous parks and trails for you and your family to explore as well as dog parks and open spaces.

Come to Life Colorado

The perfect time to get outdoors in Colorado is all the time. No matter the season, our mountains, wilderness areas, Colorado State Parks, national parks, scenic byways, lakes and rivers beckon those looking for unparalleled scenic beauty and perhaps a little adventure.