Hello everyone,

Welcome to SEW Saturday!

We want everyone in our CPA community to have access to resources that will help them to build resiliency, tools to help them be successful, and ways to meaningfully connect with each other.  We are doing this through our NOURISH program.

NOURISH stands for:

N: Nature and getting outside
O: Observe breath and the power of stillness
U: Unite with others and create community
R: Replenish and what we need to do to restore ourselves physically and emotionally
I:  Initiate movement and exercise
S: Self Care and how to we can live our best lives
H: Harness creativity  and how we use creativity to solve problems

Today our amazing physical education teacher, Mr. AJ Varner has a fantastic  message for all of us about the O in NOURISH and how we can observe breath and the power of stillness.

You can watch his video here: https://youtu.be/O_HkGhPy-co

Mr Varner also found a ton of great websites with easy ideas for how we can practice observing our breath.

Mindful Breathing videos for kids
www.gonoodle.com/   or   vamos.gonoodle.com/

Read about the best meditation apps to find one that might work best for you.

Alan Watts Guided Meditation Video

Guided Meditation for Kids Video

Great Breathing Videos

Breath For Change Breathing Exercise

We hope you try some of these exercises this week with your family!

Our JAMmin Minute this week is: 
I for Initiate Movement and Exercise

Try to get ‘everyday exercise’ into your schedule, for example cleaning, playing outside, walking, going up stairs. Try to get some cardio exercise too like skateboarding, running, biking, scootering and other sports 3 to 5 times a week.
Do fun strength exercise like gymnastics, martial arts, climbing, push-ups/sit-ups and dancing 2-3 times per week. Cut down on TV time, cell phone time and video games. Try to fit some extra movement into your schedule this week and see how you feel.

Please reach out to us at SEW@crownpointeacademy.org if you have ideas for how we can NOURISH our amazing CPA community.

– The SEW Team