Hello Crown Pointe Community,

Welcome to SEW Saturday!

Every Saturday, the social emotional wellness (SEW) committee is sending out ideas we feel can help our community build resilience and stay connected.

This week we are highlighting the U in our NOURISH program.  The U stands for: unite with others and create community.

So far we’ve had Mrs. Worley talk about N for nature and getting outside and last week Mr. Varner talked about O for observe breath and the power of stillness.  This week we’ve got a special guest, none other than Mr. Ouweneel, who made a video about how we can unite with others and create community.

Click here for the video

Finding ways to unite with others can be difficult in a virtual space.  We can see that it takes a lot more effort to feel that human connection in an online world. And at the same time finding ways to stay connected with our friends, family, teachers, and the school is more important now than ever.

Creating community means intentionally creating a space where people feel like they belong and that they are connected to something bigger than themselves.  We can still do this in an online world where we remember to ask people about themselves, where we contribute to class discussions, where we can show our attention by focusing on the person talking and not multitasking.

We can also connect with communities outside of school.  These communities have meaning for us,  help us feel connected, and help us to enjoy life. For some of us it is our religious or spiritual community, for others it’s our sports community where we are part of a team, and some of us belong to communities that create things together like music or art.

We would love to hear from you about ways that you are uniting with others and building community. You can email us at SEW@crownpointeacademy.org

We hope you find ways to NOURISH yourself this week!

-The SEW team