Dear CPA Families,

Welcome to our first Social Emotional Wellness (SEW) Saturday!

This newsletter will feature different  tips, tools, and ideas that you can use to bolster your social emotional wellness.  It is our hope that SEW Saturday will be a simple way to connect families with easy-to-access resources related to social emotional wellness.

There is also a brand new tab on the CPA homepage called Social Emotional Wellness that includes information on:
* Ways to cultivate Social Emotional Wellness (SEW)

* Crown Pointe Academy’s new ‘NOURISH’ program

* Resources for Families

* Crisis Services

You can reach out to us at with questions and also to share ideas and resources.

What is Social Emotional Wellness?

Social emotional wellness means becoming more self aware of how we think, what we feel, and how we act.  It also looks at how we can effectively manage our emotions and mitigate our life stressors, as well as how we tap into our internal motivation to become our best selves. Finally social emotional wellness focuses on how we can cultivate empathy, not only towards others but also ourselves and how we can establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Family Resource

Helping Children Cope with the COVID 19 Pandemic

This extensive guide contains activities that children and families can do together to bolster coping skills, self reflection, and self awareness. There are 16 topics divided into 5 sections with useful strategies to help kids and adults cope with stress and ideas for how to handle difficult situations and emotions. There are activities related to all of the topics to help with more hands-on learning and tangible application of concepts.

We want everyone in our CPA community to have access to resources that will help them to build resiliency, tools to help them be successful, and ways to meaningfully connect with each other.  We are doing this through our NOURISH program.

NOURISH stands for:

N: Nature and getting outside

O: Observe breath and the power of stillness

U: Unite with others and create community

R: Replenish and what we need to do to restore ourselves physically and emotionally

I:  Initiate movement and exercise

S: Self Care and how to we can live our best lives

H: Harness creativity  and how we use creativity to solve problems

We plan to NOURISH our students, families, and staff in the next year by offering opportunities  and ideas under each of these areas.  Our goal is to create a holistic way for our entire community to engage in our social and emotional wellness.

O – Observe Breath and the Power of Stillness

Take a moment to intentionally focus on your breath and notice, is it fast or slow, shallow or deep?  Notice this without judgement, just what is.  Then take an intentionally deep breath and when you breathe in pretend to smell a flower then breathe out and pretend you are blowing a leaf. Repeat this 5 times. As thoughts come up, observe them and let them go by like fluffy dandelion seeds.


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