If you have submitted commitment hours for the year, SAVE THE DATE for our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Wednesday, May 2nd.  Please plan to join us from 7:30-8:30 for a cup of coffee, tea, or juice and some delicious breakfast goodies as a “Thank You” from the Crown Pointe Academy Staff.  Come to stay for a while or just drop in to grab some breakfast on your way to work!  We recognize that so much of what we are able to accomplish as a school is due to the support we have from our parent and family volunteers.

CPA Families who completed their required volunteer hours:

Abeyta Family                                              Lacert Family
Austin Family                                               Le Family
Balderrama Family                                     Martinez/Lopez Family
Benedetti Family                                         Luna Family
Bieguanjtys Family                                     Marine Family
Campbell Family                                         Marquez Family
Capra Family                                                Martinez Family
Castillo Family                                             Miller Family
Castillo Family                                             Nocella Family
Christianson Family                                   O’Connor Family
Cornejo Family                                            Ochoa Polvon Family
Crawford Family                                         Pacheco Family
Davidson Family                                         Pizzaro/Zapata Family
Ruano/DeLaRosa Family                          Quintanilla Family
Dietz Family                                                 Ramirez Franco Family
Duran Family                                               Reid Family
Fernstedt Family                                         Riebschlager Family
Garcia Family                                               Roe Family
Gerber Family                                              Sexton Family
Gochenour Family                                      Shelton Family
Hernandez Family                                      Sonday Family
Holmes Family                                            Stacy Family
Holmes Family                                            Sullivan Family
Hornung Family                                          Valdez Family
Hughes Family                                            Wherry Family
Jaime Family                                                Wilson Family
James Family                                               Wolf Family
Jaramillo Baylon Family                            Worley Family
Johnson Family                                           Yang Family
Johnson-Peterson Family
Kline Family
Koivu Family
Koszalka Family


There is still time to fill out the paper log and return it to the office, or you can record your hours online by sending an email to volunteer@crownpointeacademy.org.  Make sure to include your name, your student’s name, and the total hours volunteered for the month in the email.

Thanks for all you do!