Crown Pointe Academy of Westminster is a Charter School

Did you know what a charter school is?

It is a public school operated by a group of parents, teachers and/or community members:

In the 1996 a group of people led by Kay May coordinated the opening of Crown Pointe Academy. Since that date the school has grown from a K-5 to a K-8, from one class per grade level to 2 classes per grade level. Built a building and moved to its current location in 2010. This growth was all guided by parents and community members. The playground was built in 2011, by parents under the guidance of professionals. This school has been proud of the parent involvement, parents in the classroom, driving the student on fieldtrips and many other helpful things.

Parent must apply to the charter school, the school district will not assign student to the charter school:

This means that Crown Pointe Academy is a school of your choice, where you choose to enroll your child(ren) to attend. When you signed the contract to have your child attend Crown Pointe Academy you and your child(ren) agreed to the rules. This includes the uniform, volunteer hours, and the commitment with helping your child(ren) at home with school work, keeping up on reading logs and helping with homework and projects as needed. Crown Pointe Academy feels that the education of your student is a partnership, the teachers, you, the parent and your child to have the best education experience.

A charter school operates under a charter (or contract) between the charter school and its authorizer, either a local school district or the Colorado Charter School Institute:

The current charter is with Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI). Through this charter contract Crown Pointe Academy has waivers, this allows Crown Pointe Academy to teach Core Knowledge curriculum. These waivers also let Crown Pointe Academy to have more flexibility with the fiscal management and overall school operations.