If your homepage is loading as this page you have outstanding FINES and FEES associated with your Chromebook.

Soon you machine will be locked down and you will no longer be able to access other content until your fine and fees are paid. Emails for fines and fees have been sent out. If you have payment that can be brought to the front office or paid online.

Questions regarding fines and fees can be directed to:


Online Payment:

Step 1:

To make a payment click through to our payment portal.

Step 2:

Select OTHER at the bottom of this screen

Enter the dollar amount owed (Cost list is below)


In the notes section insert “Student’s Name”

Once the payment has cleared our business manager will notify me and repairs and replacements will be made.




Common Fees for Chromebooks:

Replacement Charger: $20

Replacement Case: $35

Replacement Screen / Cracked Screen: $95