CPA Policies

Please note, as of July 1, 2015 Crown Pointe is authorized by the Colorado Charter School Institute.  The school is currently in the process of adopting new policies to align with CSI.  When policies are approved by the Academy Board, they will be updated here.  (Last updated 8/2020)

Board Manual Section 1a School Organization
Board Manual Section 1b School Curriculum

Board Manual Section 1d School History
Board Manual Section 2b Founding Philosophy

CPA D Doc 1 Budget Planning
CPA Fundraising Procedure
CPA Fundraising Request Form

D50 ECAA CPA1 Access to Buildings
D50 KBR CPA1 Public Information
Hiring Process
Leadership Teams Guidelines
School Profile 2014-2015

Accountability Program Policy-Commitment To Accomplishment
Approval of Handbooks and Directives
Attendance Policy Amendment
Before and After Hours Supervision Policy
Board Election Process
Board Job Responsibilities
Board of Directors Advisory Committee Policy
Board of Directors Code of Conduct Policy
Board of Directors Evaluations Policy
Board of Directors Member Agreement
Board of Directors Operation Policy
Board of Directors Strategic Planning Calendar and Agenda Preparation Policy
Board Policy Development Review and Evaluation Policy
Board Strategic Planning
Bullying Prevention and Education Policy
Children’s Wellness Healthy School Environment
Children’s Wellness Physical Activity Policy
Communication From-To with Parents, Staff, Students
Communication Plan
Community Use of School Facilities
Computer Based Testing Policy
CORA Policy
Data Retention Policy
Directors Evaluation Process
Directors Responsibilities
Discipline Policy
Employment Policy
Enrollment Policy
Exit Interview Policy
Facilities Use Policy
Finance and Accounting Policy
Fingerprint Based CHRI Policy
Fund Raising Policy
Goals Achievements Objectives
Graduation Ceremony Policy
Grievance Policy
Hiring Policy
Immunization Policy
Instructional Time Policy
Internal Audits
Internet Safety Policy
Nondiscrimination Equal Opportunity Policy
Nutritional Beverage Policy
Parent-Guardian Involvement Policy
Parent-Opt-out Policy
Personnel Records Policy
Public Information
Publications Advertisement Policy
School Attendance
School Calendar Policy
School Volunteers Policy
Social Media Policy
Special Occasions and Holidays Policy
Student Academic Achievement Policy
Student Fees
Student Performance and Evaluation Policy
Students with Allergies
Teaching About Controversial Issues
Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
Uniform Policy
Weapons in School